What is Facebook Marketing? How to Market Your Business on Facebook?

Facebook Marketing

Are you starting digital marketing?

Are thinking of making a digital presence?

Are you willing to reach out to a wider audience?

Are you searching for what is digital marketing?

If so, then you might want to start with Facebook marketing.

“With an active audience of 2.41 billion users who utilize Facebook on a monthly basis, there is no better platform for marketing than Facebook”.

From a simple social networking website utilized by college students to one of the biggest platforms for marketing, media, and technology, Facebook has evolved tremendously over the years.

Although recently Facebook got involved in several scandals, it doesn’t seem to affect its users. Even with rumours on security concerns, the users of Facebook remained active for the same amount of time as they were before. In fact, the total active users on Facebook seems to be increasing more than ever.

Hence, it is safe to say that marketing on Facebook is equivalent to marketing on the world’s biggest online channel. You instantly have access to a huge audience base at cost-effective pricing.

In this guide, we will discuss how you can utilize Facebook marketing to promote your product, improve audience base, and increase brand awareness. Dive in and explore how marketing on Facebook can be your perfect marketing strategy.

While we will be discussing Facebook marketing strategy throughout this post, it is necessary to first analyze your audience. If your audience is not on Facebook, it is hard to acquire any benefit from this type of marketing.

Audience on Facebook

With that being said, it is also necessary to note that most businesses find a relevant audience on Facebook. And most of us already know that. This is why many don’t bother even checking if Facebook marketing is relevant for their business.

But, you still need to know the consistency and ease of finding this audience on Facebook, for which you need to know your audience.

Recent data released by Pew Research Center reveals that people of all age groups utilize at least one online networking website. Of course, young adults are more active on several social networks. But, other people are also not far behind.

Simply put, regardless of the age-group, gender, demographics, and ethnicity you are targeting, you can find your audience on Facebook. You only have to market yourself in the right manner.

In the following sections of this guide, we will discuss what is Facebook marketing, how to do Facebook marketing, and how to create a Facebook marketing strategy.

Facebook is a social media channel which allows businesses to market their products and services to the available users. Facebook marketing can be achieved through organic strategies and targeted strategies such as paid ads.

Usually, businesses start with organic marketing which helps them develop a user base and brand value without any major investment. Once a considerable amount of audience is attracted, the second step is to utilize targeted ads and marketing strategies.

The obvious first step in Facebook marketing is Facebook pages. It is similar to your personal profile but this is a profile of your business or brand. A Facebook page delivers information about a brand such as products, services, aim, values, mission, vision, etc.

Any business or even celebrities can create a Facebook page to regularly connect with their audience. Users can follow the page or like it to receive regular updates on their news feed of Facebook.

However, to improve the visibility of your Facebook page, your users need to utilize the view post first. This is because Facebook boosts paid ads more than organic posts.

Hence, to implement this in your Facebook marketing strategy, offer a suggestion to your users to follow you and opt to see your posts first. This will increase your outreach and help you in the long run.

There are some differences in Facebook marketing through a page and a profile.

Firstly, your audience can like your page and follow you at any time without request approval. Anyone can open your page, hit the like/follow button, and become a follower. This is not the case with Facebook profiles. Users can only send a profile friend request to connect with each other.

Secondly, Facebook currently has a limit of 5,000 friends on Facebook profile. But, there is no such limit when you are doing Facebook marketing through a page. Any number of people can like and follow you. Here, more is better.

The best benefit of Facebook marketing is that you can set up a page quickly and radiate a strong brand image. All you need to do is sit down with your team and create a memorable profile.

However, there’s also a downside. You have to work a lot to improve your page likes through organic methods. Unless you are a celebrity or a known brand name, organic likes are not a piece of cake today.

The first step towards creating organic outreach is to create an attractive, professional Facebook page. We have explained to you how to do it below.

Most organizations are not able to utilize Facebook pages fully. This is because they fail to set up a nice Facebook marketing profile.

To help you make your profile look credible, reliable, and genuine, we have explained a few steps below. Read these steps, follow the guidelines, and avoid making mistakes.

While millennials and the new generation talk a lot about their Facebook profile picture, you are spared from the task. It is best for every business to keep the logo of the company as the profile picture.

This also highlights another major requirement, having a logo.

Having a logo simply means having an identity on digital media, which is depicted on all your Facebook marketing campaigns.

The cover image of your page is something that your creative team should come up with. Usually, it is best to keep changing the cover page according to the need of the hour.

For example, during a particular Facebook marketing strategy, you can create a campaign-specific cover image.

In general, many businesses also keep the cover simple by only adding contact details and USPs on the image.

Remember, cover page and profile picture is both important for the appearance of your page. Think of something new and creative for Facebook marketing. Don’t try doing what everyone else is doing. Make your own unique identity.

For example, create a GIF for the cover image or use a very, very short video.

The about section of your company is displayed whenever a user visits your page through a Facebook marketing tutorial or Facebook marketing strategy. You have to ensure that your users can extract value from about section.

However, you don’t have to include every little aspect of your company in this section. Be short, smart, and to-the-point. In fact, shorter but impactful descriptions tend to have a wide impact on the audience.

However, add some extra details in the full description section. It can include what makes you different, how you offer great services and some interesting facts about your brand.

Tip: Always keep the content of your Facebook marketing strategy and page simple and decent. You don’t want to go overboard with the vocabulary or utilize mechanical language.

Remember, it is Facebook, an application originally used for connecting with people. It is best to keep the tone of language a bit conversational and friendly.

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